19 januari 2012

Tänkvärt om smärta

Spiritually evolved individuals are extraordinarily loving, and with their extraordinary love comes extraordinary joy. They are also, by virtue of their discipline, mastery and love people of extraordinary competence, and in their competence they are called to serve the world, and in their love, they answer the call. Therefore, they are people of great power, even though they normally exercise their power in quiet or hidden ways. In this exercise of power, they suffer greatly, even dreadfully. For to exercise power is to make decisions, and the process of making decisions with total awareness is often infinitely more painful than making decisions with limited or blunted awareness which is the way most decisions are made and why they are ultimately proved wrong./ M. Scott Peck

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  1. *Hoppas* Då kommer vi alla en dag att sluta som extraordinärt starka. *Hoppas igen*